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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The importance of System Information

            What do you know about system information? Is it just a list of an information that seems to be unimportant to you? If you think so, then you’re undoubtedly wrong. Information is a communication theory, where a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome and the signal contained thousands of bits of information. It is also a knowledge that acquired through study or experience or instruction. But what do you know about its importance to us?

            For your information, system information brings us the power of information where it can help us in variety of ways. One of its power is that it can reduce the level of uncertainty, and it is also used by others as their references. In our daily life, information is one of the main sources for us in order to make a decision in both organizations or in human life. With it too, we can influence the other but by giving them a good influence. We might not aware that most of the invention of new product or gadget are because of the help of the power of information.

            That’s not the only importance to us, beside that, it is also one of the all around the globe source of truth but not all of them are real, accept the valuable information. To know either they are valuable is easy, first you must make sure that it’s  error free, can be considered complete, relevant, reliable, up to date and etc. Why is this importance to us? It’s simple, if you are to obtained an unreal or unvaluable kind of information, would you trust and us it as your references? If you do, than the word ‘fool’ is yours.

            One of the most important part of system information is it is used by institutions that involved in organizing information such as libraries, museums, galleries, archives, manuscript center, information system department and etc. System information is importance to this kind of institute because all of them are having the same goal to achieve, which is to make sure that data and system are arranged perfectly to elude loss of information or materials. We can take the Library of Congress as an example. The Library of Congress is located in Washington DC and is the largest library in United States. It uses the LC classification system where materials are grouped under 20 primary classes.

            Most of the stuff that are explained above is just the basic of the importance of system information. There are actually uncountable numbers of its uses and advantages that it have for us, but I can only explained to you what I know about its importance, you can try and check other web to gain more knowledge abou system information.



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