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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Within 12 Hours Special IL Assignment..


This is the website that I find out as cyber-squatting site. Well, it is easy to recognize it eventhough it has the same "mcdonalds" name in it. Here's the difference between both of it :

www.mcdonalds.com , "I'm Lovin It":
this is the #1 favorite fast food in UIA for me, well it is very popular all around the globe. Hehe.
It is totally loved by everyone. SO as a conclusion, this is a fast food type of website.

www.mcdonalds.ws , "What you need, when you need it":
this is the first time I discover out this website, but it is not a fast food restaurant, it is a site for those who might wanna buy airline tickets, cheap auto insurance, video production and etc. Don't order any of your favorite BIGMAC here as it is totally unwise to do it.

OPAC IIUM : 3 books. Call Numbers . ISBN Numbers

Law : the strong arm of the law/ : armed and public order policing/P.A.J Waddington
Call number : HV8195A3W118
ISBN number : 00000132544

Technology : Teaching Technology in Libraries; a practical guide/ Linda Brew MacDonald
Call number : Z711.27253M
ISB number : 00000132797

Human Science : Science, technology & human values/ : MIT Press, Cambridge, ass. 1978
Call Number     : j Q175.4s416S
ISBN Number  : 0162-2439

Well as epected from an expertee in technology. I don't know him well but he's one of the nostradamus person I've ever met. This is things that I love & freakin' out about his blog.

1. It is simple & a trendy site for me, where you can see the extravaganza redious color theme
    used in his website.
2. I just loved anybody & everybody who'd love keeping pictures as one of their cherish and
    unerased memories. Futhermore, others can tag any pic where they happen to be right there
    inside the pic.
3. It is also an website 88.5% cover up by an education purposes to make it an user friendly
    site for his beloved students to download educatonal stuff in it.
4. An extra comment for bigger appetite in assignment, he also have links in order for his user 
    to contact him either via email or straightly contact him on his mobile phone.

url for kulliyah of ICT : http://kict.iiu.edu.my

Call No.LocationCollectionTitleAuthor
mQA152.3H177BpjmBeginning and intermediate algebra : the language and symbolism of mathematics /Hall, James W.
mQA184L426Lk2mLinear algebra and it's applications /Lay, David C.
mQA331.7C563Ck2mComplex variables and applications /Brown, James Ward
mQM23.2C973Ck2mCunningham's manual of practical anatomy /Cunningham, D. J. (Daniel John), 1850-1909
mQM23.2R724Tk2gTextbook of anatomy /Rogers, Andrew W
mQM31W578IkmInstant anatomy /Whitaker, R. H. (Robert H.)
mQM32A535Ak2gAnatomy : PreTest self-assessment and review /April, Ernest W.
mQM32J32Mk2gMCQs in anatomy for the FRCS Part 1 /Jamil, M.
mQM32L958Mk2gMCQs in anatomy : a self-testing supplement to "Essential anatomy" /Lumley, J. S. P. (John Stuart Penton)
mQM32M961Mk2gMultiple choice questions in anatomy for the FRCS /McDiarmid, James.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

These people make me shines my day!

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Nowadays, the demand on mobile phone has been skyrocketing as mobile phone was not only for lifestyle but also to ensure self-security. Mobile phone coverage are now getting huge and huge in Malaysia. Until now, there are up to 4 mobile network company such as Celcom, Maxis, DiGi and               u-Mobile. With it’s cheapest rate of call, sms, mms and 3g, it at the same time are helping to increase the demand on mobile phone. In Malaysia, 2 of the most rated or popular brand of mobilephone are NOKIA and SONY ERICSON. Both of this mobile phone company have it’s own differences that are eventually making them 5 stars rated in the chart of most popular mobile phone’s brand in Malaysia.

                NOKIA company with their slogan, “connecting people” , are very well known all around the world with its toughness, luxurious and elegant design. Nokia’s head office which are located by the Gulf of Finland in Keilaniemi, Espoo are the workplace of more than 1,000 NOKIA employees that are ready to create a changes in the design and speciality on their product.  We can find NOKIA suppliers at everywhere, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and Africa. In the opposite, SONY ERICSON  are well known because it’s advantages in it’s sound engine or chipset, it’s totally a trendy phone for those out there who are up to music lifestyle, thus, it’s stylo design are making it popular amongst those who love art and design. But compared to NOKIA, it only supplies its products in Americas, Europe, Middle East, China and Asia Pacific.

                In bargaining power of customers, between this two gigantic company I can only said that both of them are less equal. NOKIA is popular for its elegant design, therefore, its just so incredibly popular amongst the businessmen. NOKIA Nseries would be their best of choice and for those who would like to own a cheaper one, there are also available model for example series60. NOKIA series60 is cheap and affordable by everyone, with its simple design and normal need such as camera and 256k color screen. That is much less about NOKIA, and for SONY ERICSON, it is slightly different from NOKIA, it’s target are more to youngster who loves to walk with style and refuse to walk without music playing right through their ears, and well of course everyone knows it, the SONY ERICSON WALKMAN Wi-series. But instead of music, SONY ERICSON also provide it’s fans out there who just love taking picture with their SONY ERICSON CYBER-SHOT series, which their latest model is with 7.1 megapixels camera which have the same pixels with an original camera.

                Have you ever buy a NOKIA or SONY ERICSON mobile phone but with a pirate software inside? It looks just the same as the original but the truth is it is not original, and this kind of phone is flooding our country. It is sale with the cheapest price but with zero quality. This is a kind of threat of substitute product  that are currently becoming a red alert to us. Seek for the original sticker behind the battery pack of your mobile phone to know either it is original or not. User should be aware that cheapest price meant nothing when it is not original because most of the user experiences worst nightmare when using them, and there are also happen that the mobile phone explode unexpectedly .That is the imposter cases, then this is about kind of new entrants are a new brand of mobile phone such as i-mobile, CSL and NOKLA. Still for me, this kind of threat brings no effect to NOKIA and SONY ERICSON selling chart which keep on increasing for this whole year. Just bring out any latest brand and compared it to these two veteran mobile phone company, they will just be slandering their white sheep away.

                As a conclusion, I would like to conclude that despite having a differences, these two company are still becoming a rival in an inner way, non-stop update and new design of mobile phone are crashing out their outlet from all over places. Each of it have it’s own ability in the eyes of their fan that continues on supporting them from years over years since they are being established. These two company will never perish in the eyes of the world for their brilliant ideas in making communication blend well with the modern lifestyle of all people all around the globe.























Nseries, series60, series40 & series20



WALKMAN & Cyber-Shot


Sunday, December 7, 2008

The importance of System Information

            What do you know about system information? Is it just a list of an information that seems to be unimportant to you? If you think so, then you’re undoubtedly wrong. Information is a communication theory, where a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome and the signal contained thousands of bits of information. It is also a knowledge that acquired through study or experience or instruction. But what do you know about its importance to us?

            For your information, system information brings us the power of information where it can help us in variety of ways. One of its power is that it can reduce the level of uncertainty, and it is also used by others as their references. In our daily life, information is one of the main sources for us in order to make a decision in both organizations or in human life. With it too, we can influence the other but by giving them a good influence. We might not aware that most of the invention of new product or gadget are because of the help of the power of information.

            That’s not the only importance to us, beside that, it is also one of the all around the globe source of truth but not all of them are real, accept the valuable information. To know either they are valuable is easy, first you must make sure that it’s  error free, can be considered complete, relevant, reliable, up to date and etc. Why is this importance to us? It’s simple, if you are to obtained an unreal or unvaluable kind of information, would you trust and us it as your references? If you do, than the word ‘fool’ is yours.

            One of the most important part of system information is it is used by institutions that involved in organizing information such as libraries, museums, galleries, archives, manuscript center, information system department and etc. System information is importance to this kind of institute because all of them are having the same goal to achieve, which is to make sure that data and system are arranged perfectly to elude loss of information or materials. We can take the Library of Congress as an example. The Library of Congress is located in Washington DC and is the largest library in United States. It uses the LC classification system where materials are grouped under 20 primary classes.

            Most of the stuff that are explained above is just the basic of the importance of system information. There are actually uncountable numbers of its uses and advantages that it have for us, but I can only explained to you what I know about its importance, you can try and check other web to gain more knowledge abou system information.


Children of Heaven

                Children of Heaven was the first Iranian family drama that I’ve ever watch. My first thought of this film is it’s just a low cost drama made by the Iranian as I can see it thoroughly that there are less special effect used in this drama, the special effects that I can see that is used are the effect of slow motion & rains with thunder roars. But as time goes by and the plots are getting more interesting, I realize that there are lots of important event that I can use to compare between the life in the film and the reality of life in my own motherland.

            In this drama, two children concoct an elaborate scheme to cover up the loss of a pair shoes. Ali & Zahra are a brother and sister growing up in a poor neighborhood. Ali accidently lost Zahra pair of shoe when he leave the shoe outside the market which in the end being swiped away by a beggar. Knowing that the shoes are lost Zahra threat Ali to tell it to their father, but the responsible Ali told her that even if she told it to their father, he still can’t afford to get her a new pair. After the incident, Ali thought of an brilliant idea which leads both of them to lots of obstacle till the end of the drama.

            One of the moral values that can be taken from the drama is the responsibility of a child to their parent. In this drama, we can see that Ali & Zahra have started helping out their parents  despite of their young ages and tiny body. They never say no even once to every order that are being given to them. One of the event are shown at the early of drama where Zahra’s mom asked her to do this & that and she never say no to it. In the reality, we can barely see children nowadays started doing housework at the early age and some had never ever done any of it even when they are teenager. All that they know is fun and simplicity, but for Ali & Zahra they carried out a heavy responsibilities given to them and their acts are making them more mature than we ourselves.

            Strong bonds between a brother and sister are also one of the good moral values which can be seen in this drama. After the loss of Zahra’s pair of shoe, Ali tried to find it everywhere until he meets the end and come out with an idea to recover the loss of the pair of shoe. Zahra do understand the toughness that her brother had gone through and by the same time does not want to burden her dad to bought her a new pair as she knows well of her dad’s condition. She then agreed with Ali’s idea and decided to use Ali’s big sized shoe to school and also to rush right after school to meet Ali in order to give Ali back his shoe before his class start. Zahra are willing to share the hard moment with Ali eventhough it is not her mistake for the loss of the shoes, and this touches me to deeply see inside my heart how na├»ve these kids are. I’m far sure enough that none of us can easily share toughness & harness with someone that brought us into a problems.

            Thirdly, the strong wills of Ali to get the 3rd prize of the competition to replace Zahra’s loss shoes. At first, Ali was too late to register himself in the race. Tears roll down his cheek and He shows his teacher of his strong will to join it and promises him to be the winner of the marathon. Ali knows that he can win he race and redeem the prize he wanted before. During the race, Ali sprint as fast as he could to be the first runner up, but when he was about to reach the finish line he want to make sure that he’ll be the third as the third prize is his aim in the race. But suddenly, when he had make himself the third, some of his competitor knock him down. But with his strong will he instantly stand up and sprint in rampage which result in him being the first runner up leaving the third prize that he dreams for behind. The first prize that he won is just another nightmare for him.

            In this drama, I happens to find out that they are several bad moral that can be found in it and one of it is the in-proper way to treat other people, where we can see it by the time Ali & his father are heading to the city to find extra cash to support their family. While they are in the rich people neighborhood, most of the people there are unwilling to help them. Here, we can see that there are still differences that are being made between the rich & the poor which shouldn’t e happen. Beside that, there are event where envy & jealousy conquer someone, this can be seen when there are other competitors who are envy of Ali position and tried to surpass him by playing dirty. Roughly, we can conclude that jealousy can turn someone to an uncontrollable state where he or she are willing to do anything as long as there are satisfied with it.

            As a conclusion, this unique drama tells us the reality life of the poor family in Iran in the urban area. Where they need to face lots of difficulty in surviving their daily day, and sometimes with not even a single penny in their pocket which leads them to make it as a debt whenever they want to buy foods & needs in the market. We should thanked Him for giving us a more pleasant life right here where we step where everything that we want are just right before our eyes. Praise be to Him.