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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Within 12 Hours Special IL Assignment..


This is the website that I find out as cyber-squatting site. Well, it is easy to recognize it eventhough it has the same "mcdonalds" name in it. Here's the difference between both of it :

www.mcdonalds.com , "I'm Lovin It":
this is the #1 favorite fast food in UIA for me, well it is very popular all around the globe. Hehe.
It is totally loved by everyone. SO as a conclusion, this is a fast food type of website.

www.mcdonalds.ws , "What you need, when you need it":
this is the first time I discover out this website, but it is not a fast food restaurant, it is a site for those who might wanna buy airline tickets, cheap auto insurance, video production and etc. Don't order any of your favorite BIGMAC here as it is totally unwise to do it.

OPAC IIUM : 3 books. Call Numbers . ISBN Numbers

Law : the strong arm of the law/ : armed and public order policing/P.A.J Waddington
Call number : HV8195A3W118
ISBN number : 00000132544

Technology : Teaching Technology in Libraries; a practical guide/ Linda Brew MacDonald
Call number : Z711.27253M
ISB number : 00000132797

Human Science : Science, technology & human values/ : MIT Press, Cambridge, ass. 1978
Call Number     : j Q175.4s416S
ISBN Number  : 0162-2439

Well as epected from an expertee in technology. I don't know him well but he's one of the nostradamus person I've ever met. This is things that I love & freakin' out about his blog.

1. It is simple & a trendy site for me, where you can see the extravaganza redious color theme
    used in his website.
2. I just loved anybody & everybody who'd love keeping pictures as one of their cherish and
    unerased memories. Futhermore, others can tag any pic where they happen to be right there
    inside the pic.
3. It is also an website 88.5% cover up by an education purposes to make it an user friendly
    site for his beloved students to download educatonal stuff in it.
4. An extra comment for bigger appetite in assignment, he also have links in order for his user 
    to contact him either via email or straightly contact him on his mobile phone.

url for kulliyah of ICT : http://kict.iiu.edu.my

Call No.LocationCollectionTitleAuthor
mQA152.3H177BpjmBeginning and intermediate algebra : the language and symbolism of mathematics /Hall, James W.
mQA184L426Lk2mLinear algebra and it's applications /Lay, David C.
mQA331.7C563Ck2mComplex variables and applications /Brown, James Ward
mQM23.2C973Ck2mCunningham's manual of practical anatomy /Cunningham, D. J. (Daniel John), 1850-1909
mQM23.2R724Tk2gTextbook of anatomy /Rogers, Andrew W
mQM31W578IkmInstant anatomy /Whitaker, R. H. (Robert H.)
mQM32A535Ak2gAnatomy : PreTest self-assessment and review /April, Ernest W.
mQM32J32Mk2gMCQs in anatomy for the FRCS Part 1 /Jamil, M.
mQM32L958Mk2gMCQs in anatomy : a self-testing supplement to "Essential anatomy" /Lumley, J. S. P. (John Stuart Penton)
mQM32M961Mk2gMultiple choice questions in anatomy for the FRCS /McDiarmid, James.